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Wellness Retreats Travel is oftwellness retreats travelen led by a charismatic yoga teacher, meditation instructor or positive psychology coach. A really beneficial retreat can be a transformational week for men and women looking to reclaim their mojo with heart opening yoga, delicious interactive nutrition workshops and empowering ‘spiritual’ workshops – all held at a luxurious hideaway at a magical getaway destination.

It is no surprise that busy executives with overloaded schedules are flocking to health and wellness retreat style vacations where they can re-connect with their inner voice and at the same time recharge their soul.

Health and Wellness Retreats
A wellness retreat offers the opportunity to slow down and listen to your intuition amidst lush tropical gardens, fragrant fruit trees and a private swimming pool, and explore well being activities that focus on your personal Shakti energy to help you find balance in all areas of your life. Particularly invigorating is reconnecting through the breath and finding the time and space for meditation when on retreat.

My personal favourite is to deep dive into a silent meditation period of a day or more so you truly cannot escape the workings of your inner mind. This way, your personal spiritual progress is intensified and you are more likely to experience a breakthrough moment.

Wellness Retreats for Depression
Whilst each well being retreat offers different perspectives depending upon the identified strengths, finding a retreat to meet your own needs is vital. For women, a retreat for solo or small group travellers – especially if you work too much, give too much or think too much – is especially powerful.

Any good retreat offers powerful moments for learning and exploring your own growth so that yo leave with an improved tool kit – with strategies to take home to help you stay in tune with your natural sense of happiness and the intuitive, empowered woman. Sounds good to us!

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Ever wonder where the idea of wellness travel started?

Wellness travel is the natural progression from the indulgent “lay and stay” vacations where you expect to be waited on hand and foot and come away feeling more guilty and ashamed than relaxed and invigorated. People no longer expect to have their white privilege reinforced on some tropical island with the locals doing all the dirty work. Instead, it is all about engaging and learning and making a meaningful connection during your vacation. Yet I somehow ended up at the place where wellness travel all began in the western hemisphere.

So here goes, I thought as I landed in San Diego airport early Tuesday morning. As I left the airport walking toward the bus stop, I saw an advertising billboard for my destination – and when I turned around to see the “Rancho La Puerta” banner I knew my health and wellness travel adventure was about to begin.

Wellness Retreats Travel
The bus from the Ranch picked up all the guests who just flew in. We drove an hour through windy desert roads until we got to the Mexico border. This is where our first “activity” began. Which was getting off the bus, grabbing our suitcase and walking it across the border. There was another van waiting for us on the other side, and only a 15-minute drive to our destination. My spine was tingly with excitement as I saw the other retreat attendees gathering around – we were all very excited.

We drove up to the gates that opened up into 3000 acres of our new health and wellness retreat territory! We were greeted with some fresh lime and a cold towel, and then brought up to our rooms.

The wild flowers, the butterflies, the birds, the animals, the lush tress and the mountains in the near distance… I felt like I was in a real life fairytale. This was one of the most powerful health wellness retreats I had experienced.

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The spiritual adventure really started the following morning.
My alarm went off and I joined the others on our morning mindfulness walk. I chose this Wellness retreats Travel first hike because it was on the “Yoga Devotee” trail. The name was too perfect not to do! This hike was considered “challenging” but they also offer moderate and advanced hikes.

The amount of fitness classes and activities offered every hour is incredible, sometimes having up to 7 activities to choose from. While this may be overwhelming for some, they do offer consultations at the beginning of your stay to help you choose the best classes and activities suited to your physical and personal needs.

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Organic Garden Breakfast Hike! (A MUST DO)
Morning hikes!
Sound Healing – I wish they had this available everyday
Morning Meditation – Krini was so knowledgeable, especially if you are a newbie to meditation practice
Yoga: Level 2 – Brendan was the instructor and has the best adjustments!
Gyrokinesis – This was the first time I ever heard or tried this. It was so incredible to start moving and mobilizing the spine
Design your own essential oil – love getting a little creative
Rancho La Puerta’s Guest Reception – Don’t miss out on Sangria and incredible guacamole

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My favourite part about dinner, beyond the delicious food, was the opportunity to choose to sit alone or be seated at a larger table to mingle and dine with some of the other guests. It’s a great option especially because there are a lot of solo travellers that come to the Ranch for the Health Wellness retreat.

Edmond Szekely and his young wife Deborah, founders of the ranch, were before their time. They opened Rancho La Puerta in June of 1940. Their vision was to integrate ancient verities of health and wisdom into the vital new 20th-century lifestyle.

Now, in 2016, the health and wellness aspect of vacation is dynamic and expanding daily. People are no longer willing to accept mediocre entertainment on a cruise ship as their way to spend one week off work.

I’m sure what Health and Wellness Retreats have become today is greater than what they dreamed. Almost every guest that I spoke to had been there 5+, 10+, 25+ times. They must be doing something right!

The Ranch is a perfect wellness getaway for solo travellers and also great to experience as a group. The retreat starts every Saturday with an option to stay a full week or until Wednesday. This is a great option and way forward – people love the flexibility of the shorter stay or the compete immersion experience of the full week.

Health and Wellness Retreats offer an amazing opportunity to connect and engage with aspects of your personal development that might need attention.