Spectator Management

All official spectator locations are controlled by spectator officials.  All spectator officials are to monitor all spectators safety, as well as their respect for the surrounds.  Upon completion of the stages, spectators are reminded to clean up after themselves and to respect all residents.

Please also visit the Spectator page

Can I Officiate?

Yes.   If you wish to aid in such areas as: Stage Commanders, Control Officials, Scrutineers or Road Closure Officials (just some of the many areas).  You can officiate as a trainee, with no prior experience.  Our officials coordinator can place you on a stage near your property.

Can I Participate?

Yes. If you have the appropriate CAMS license and vehicle, then you can enter the event as a driver.  Please check the Competitors area of the website for more information.


Preservation of the roads and surrounding areas used in the 2012 Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally is a high priority for organisers and sponsors, and for this reason all competitors and official vehicles will be required to carry an approved spill kit.

The spill kits will allow competitors and officials to collect any oil spills or leaks that occur during the event, and remove the material for safe disposal.  Approved kits consist of oil absorbent pads, an oil neutralising biodegradable powder or a combination of both.  All components of the kits are designed to ensure nothing is left behind to harm the environment.

Can we watch?

Yes.  Feel free to setup your own private spectator point on your property.  As long as you are in a safe area and are behind your property fence.

If you are inviting friends and family, unless you have an alternate access, they will need to be on your property before the road closure times.