Law Of Attraction

The Law of Tourist attraction is a doctrine that says all your ideas, positive and unfavorable, vibrate at a certain frequency and like attracts like. In other words, you get what you request for – then law of attraction is the frequency of your thoughts attract things to your life vibrating at the exact same frequency. This occurs whether you understand it or not.

You might have heard all the buzz about the Law of Destination from the movie or book “The Secret,” or maybe it is brand new to you. Either way, the important thing to understand exists is obvious to using it, you already utilize it everyday! It’s one of the fundamentals of abundance psychology. The secret is to know that you can learn how to control your ideas and attract whatever you want.

Notice above I discussed that all your ideas (consisting of unfavorable) send out a message to deep space, whether that is your objective or not. So, ALWAYS think and state what you want, NOT WHAT YOU DON’T WANT!

” I don’t want to be poor” will only draw in hardship. Believe rather, “I am rich.”

” I hope I don’t get the influenza” will definitely make you more vulnerable. Modification that thought to “I am strong and healthy.”

Don’t be tricked. It takes practice, patience and outright faith in your mind that not just will you get what you think, but (and this is the most important part!) you need to think, act, and feel as though you have already gotten whatever it is you requested for. This is where the research comes in handy. This is an extremely bottom line, so please re-read the previous words:

” … you should believe, act, and feel as though you have currently received whatever it is you asked for.”

Here’s why. Your subconscious mind does not know the distinction between fact and fiction. It’s one of the benefits of mindfulness. Simply puts, you can fool your subconscious into believing anything if you knowingly make the effort to think it yourself – the finer the detail the much better.